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Booger Bob

Mom's Choice Award Winner

This book is ultimately about manners. Changing bad manners into good manners. It is difficult to teach children proper personal hygiene. This cute story essentially about nose picking is a funny representation of what people do with what comes out of their noses and how they dispose of it. Although many could consider the subject matter gross, there is a lesson be learned after the laughter stops.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 978-0-9819745-8-3

eBook ISBN: 978-1- 941095-02- 7

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  • Booger Bob

    Your book "Booger Bob" was funny and had me as a grown-up laughing. I can't wait to share it with my new son when he gets a little older.

    By Terry Adams Jr.
    MLB Pitcher

  • Booger Bob

    "Booger Bob" is a short, rhyming book about personal hygiene - in this case picking your nose. It is geared toward youth readers, as it is supposed to teach them that picking your nose in public is gross. I think that this book would be funny for kids to read. Thinking about how my little brothers would react to it, I can almost guarantee that they would be cracking up with laughter and trying to pick their noses in front of whomever was reading the book to them - so I am not sure if the book would have the desired affect on them (or most your boys ...but it may.

    Stephanie Turner
    Cover 2 Cover

  • Booger Bob

    The book, "Booger Bob," is a fun read for a very young child who is in the process of learning manners and acceptable social behaviors. If like me, you have seen not only children, but also adults lacking in social manners, and to put it as graciously as possible, "pick their nose in public," you will want to start your child off early with reading this book. Young children will likely giggle on any topic related to bodily functions, while parents cringe, "Booger Bob" teaches children the importance of privacy and use of a tissue, while at the same time, provides parents with an easy way to discuss the subject. Mr. Kramer's book is also wonderfully illustrated.

    Laura A. Barclay
    Civility & Etiquette Centre

  • Booger Bob

    Witty, funny and creative read for all ages This book is amazing. It is funny to read. I have kids ages 10 and 12 and they enjoyed reading the book! The book is creative, colorful and witty. It will have you thinking twice about picking your nose. Now, when my kids see someone picking their nose, they laugh and reference the book. It is an easy read for all ages.
    I love this book!

    By Momo

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