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Grandma Went to Heaven

“Grandma Goes To Heaven” It is often extremely difficult to accept the reality of losing a loved one. How a child handles that loss can affect them their entire lives. There are various children’s books about death; this particular one is specifically about losing a grandparent. Its goal is to help children accept and realize that loved ones can and do die. It also attempts to reduce their fears and tries to comfort them by reinforcing that they can hold on to and cherish loving memories. This children’s story is a must read for children to prepare them for an upcoming loss or the actual loss of a grandparent. 

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9781941095164

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-16-4

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  • Grandma Went to Heaven

    I can almost guarantee that any reader who has had a close relationship with a grandparent will feel tears of remembrance as they share this book with a beloved grandchild.
    The book makes it’s obvious that the child felt safe with Grandma, even when his parents weren't around. And isn't that the most important thing--helping the child feel safe, even in the face of having a loved one no longer be readily there in his or her life.
    I believe this is the perfect book for a child, at the appropriate time. It may be some time when Grandma is sick and the parents want to prepare the child. Or it may be later...  But I believe sincerely it will help children in their loss. Children grieve too, but may not fully understand what death means, or know how to express their feelings. A book might be just what is needed so that parents can talk to their child and help them remember all the love and good times shared with Grandma...
    A must-read, when needed...



  • Grandma Went to Heaven

    Grandma joins Grandpa in heaven. We love and miss Grandma very much. She was our best friend; best secret keeper and she always had a special smell.  We needed each other. Grandma knew all my favorite foods and stayed with me when Mom and Dad went out or away.
    I love this book! What a wonderful way to keep Grandma alive.  Having lost one grandma before I was 2 and another in my 40's, I know how it can affect children. This book has a beautiful poem in the back. It should be framed and posted on the child's wall. This is another great addition to any library.  
    I gave this book five cheers out of 5.


    Melanie Adkins, Book Reviewer

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