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Jenny Cancer Survivor

“Jenny Cancer Survivor” Was it a miracle that two young, hospitalized girls with childhood cancer who selflessly prayed for the other girl to be cured woke up on the same morning about a month later cancer free? This inspirational, heartfelt children’s story attempts to motivate children with cancer to actively participate in curing themselves through visualization techniques and the power of prayer.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9781941095218

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-21-8

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  • Jenny Cancer Survivor

    This heartwarming story offers hope for children suffering from cancer. The book thoroughly explains the disease, its treatment, and the changes it brings. Through vibrant illustrations and a triumphant tale of hope and healing, the story focuses on the power of prayer, optimistic thinking, and visual imagery. Overall, this book will have a positive impact on both children and adults. I would highly recommend adding Jenny Cancer Survivor to your library of counseling resources or your personal library.
    Maria Moore, Ed. S.


    School Guidance Counselor

  • Jenny Cancer Survivor

    This is a beautiful written and illustrated book. 
    "Jenny Cancer Survivor," by Paul M. Kramer does indeed fulfill its intended purpose. It is inspirational, heartwarming and filled with faith and hope not only for the Survivor but also for loved ones as well. Reading this beautiful story demonstrates with God all things are possible for those who believe! Mr. Kramer has been able to provide a profound message to all those and their families that are still battling, survived or loss loved ones to cancer.
    Charlar Brew
    "Jenny Cancer Survivor," written by Paul M. Kramer brought tears to my eyes. This is a wonderful book that promotes hope and positivity to cancer-stricken children and their families.


    Dr. Deborah Hardy

  • Jenny Cancer Survivor

    Jenny, Cancer Survivor By Paul M. Kramer

     The direct and easily understood approach to dealing with this topic is refreshing.  The message of medicine, hope and the power of attitude to overcome illness separate this story from many others.  I would highly recommend “Jenny, Cancer Survivor” for a child or family dealing with a serious illness.  As a childhood leukemia survivor, this author’s approach to dealing with cancer mirrors the feelings and experience I had in surviving my bout with leukemia. 


    Bruce Walker

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