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Zeep Needs More Sleep

Mom's Choice Award Winner

“Zeep Needs More Sleep” This award-winning children’s book was written to help children who suffer from sleep deprivation. It is intended to promote good sleeping habits and to motivate children to sleep more, to become more focused, less cranky and to be happier. Phillipe saved his friends life because plenty of his quick reflexes from getting plenty of sleep. The mayor gave Phillipe a medal for bravery and asked everyone to go to sleep one hour earlier each night for just one week. After the week ended, just about everyone was nicer to each other, happier and more alert.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9780982759608

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-05-8

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  • Zeep Needs More Sleep

    This topic appeals to both children and young adults. I love the vibrant colors of “Zeep Needs More Sleep.” Children will relate to Zeep’s character and learn the value of sleep as to it relates to their success in the classroom and everyday life. Additionally, parents may be inspired to join their children in seeking ways on how to break those habits depriving the entire family from getting the sleep needed. Some habits unintentionally develop are late night snacking and watching television, which you addressed, or playing video games past reasonable bedtime hours.

    Wendy Jacob, Reading Specialist, Education Specialist, 
    San Diego United School District


  • Zeep Needs More Sleep

    I really like “Zeep Needs More Sleep”, because it is another key concept that kids often don't think about, and parents aren't always on top of. I think this book is great.  Nice job, and I hope schools will consider using some of your books for younger students.

    Tad Fitch, School Psychologist at Brunswick City School District, Historical Researcher and Author

  • Zeep Needs More Sleep

    I found your book, “Zeep Needs More Sleep” delightful. The information is so relevant and easily understood, making it a great teaching tool for sure.

    Sandy Heiss, Counselor at Mountainburg Public Schools

  • Zeep Needs More Sleep

    My son and I read your story “Zeep Needs More Sleep". We both enjoyed the story. The narrative of the story was great. I asked my son if he thought it was good book to teach children about the importance of going to bed on time and he said it is. We both enjoyed the illustrations as well.

    Samantha Kishun, Licensed School Counselor

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