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Our Feet Were Made For Walking

Mom's Choice Award Winner

“Our Feet Were Made For Walking” This inspirational story demonstrates how people’s lives can change and vastly improve by getting into the habit of, “Walking For Fun.” Our feet were not created to walk out of necessity alone.
A group of kids inspire their entire community to begin walking for pleasure and at the same time benefit from exercising. Families including the dog begin to walk regularly. The news spreads and community “Walking For Fun “clubs start opening up all across the country. Regardless of your age, unless you are physically unable, it’s not too late to develop this wonderful habit of “Walking For Fun.” So, start “Walking For Fun” today. You’ll be happy you did. 


Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9780982759653

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9827596-4-6

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  • Our Feet Were made for walking

    Kate didn't walk unless she had to.  She felt like it wasn't worth her time.  She was told it was good to walk and fun too.  Kate just grumbled.  Then one day she had no choice, she had to walk.  Kate began to walk a bit more each day and liked it.  Kate's friends joined her on her walks.  Soon they'd inspired many in their town to walk too.  They walked for fun and to help raise money.  This book inspired me to walk more.  It made me remember what it was like before I got my driver's license.  It will help you and your children get involved with walking too.  It's an easy way to raise money for any organization.  Just get sponsors and then walk.  You'll love this book.

    Kissably Sweet 1

  • Our Feet Were made for walking

    In this book Kate hated to walk. The only time she would was when she had no choice; and that is exactly what happen one day. She had no choice. As she was walking she noticed a lot of things she had not seen before. She realized that walking was not bad, and she enjoyed it. She started walking more and taking longer walks. She joined her friends walking and found many great ways walking can be fun and useful. Tour Feet Were Made For Walking,” is a great book to get people to realize how good it is to get out and go for a walk.

    C R Pederson

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