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"Why are we fat" is a children's book that attempts to motivate and encourage children of all age's who suffer from childhood obesity to develop strategies to turn bad eating habits into good ones. It teaches them how to become dependent free from foods they have become addicted to. The goal is to help overweight children and obese children reduce their body size by giving them guidance and workable solutions. It also reinforces the importance of reading nutrition facts labels and exercising.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 978-0-9819745-1-4

eBook ISBN: 978-0- 9827596-8- 4

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    Why Are We Fat? By Paul M. Kramer is an educator's dream as it addresses the issues of teen obesity. Helga Tacke richly illustrated this book and her use of bold blues and magentas signal the seriousness of the subject matter. She uses the faces of nine multicultural teens to show that obesity is a universal problem and affects youth from all walks of life. Why Are We Fat? is a book that could be used to educate children ranging from 4th grade through high school. Every school library should have a copy of "Why Are We Fat?" in its collection.

    By Lynne M. Library Consultant


    Why Are We Fat? By Paul M. Kramer. We each use for different things. Some use it to cope and some eat when they are bored. We've become addicted to sugar and junk food. We all need to re-educate ourselves about food. After we learn more about food, we can then work on eating healthier.

    I so enjoy books for children that give information. If they can get the message across I love them even more. We as parents need to set examples and this is one area we need to work on. Your kids will enjoy this book. Most kids today want to learn about eating healthy. Get this one.

    By Amazon Customer


    Obesity is literally a growing problem in the United States, and even though most of us know obesity is not good for our health, we struggle daily to curb our calories and cravings. Paul Kramer's book "Why Are We Fat" is a book that will teach you how to take charge of your eating habits. The book begins by offering people's heartfelt words about their difficulties in controlling their mindless eating, and misguided attempts to use food to reduce stress and feel better about themselves. The author then provides information about the brain's function and ways of handling pleasure and stress. The author shows you how to read food labels so you know exactly what you are getting-- and not getting. This book is informative and very supportive. Taking Charge of Your Cravings.

    By Dr. LeslieBeth Wish


    Nice illustrations. Alternates between the voices of a doctor ...

    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    Informative, engaging book. Nice illustrations. Alternates between the voices of a doctor and obese children. Very encouraging, without being preachy. Extremely thought provoking. Comforting- shows children they are not alone. Highly recommended for grades 1-7.

    By Lissa Parker on June 5, 2016

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