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Why Are We Fat?

Mom's Choice Award Winner

“Why Are We Fat” is a children’s book that attempts to motivate and encourage children of all ages who may suffer from childhood obesity to develop strategies to turn bad eating habits into good ones. It teaches how to become dependent free they have become addicted to. The goal is to help potential overweight children and those that are obese to reduce their body size by giving them guidance and workable solutions. It also reinforces the importance of reading nutritional facts labels and exercising.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9780981974514

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9827596-8-4

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  • Why Are We Fat?

    We each use for different things. Some use it to cope and some eat when they are bored.  We've become addicted to sugar and junk food.  We all need to re-educate ourselves about food.  After we learn more about food, we can then work on eating healthier.  Everyone works at their own pace. The opening poem in this one touched me deeply.  I so enjoy books for children that give information.  If they can get the message across I love them even more.  We as parents need to set examples and this is one area we need to work on.  Your kids will enjoy this book.  Most kids today want to learn about eating healthy.  Get this one.  I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it makes a lot of sense.

    Melanie Atkins

  • Why Are We Fat?

    I found your book, “Why Are We Fat” to be interesting and enjoyable. I liked that it was a dialogue between the children and the adult. This is a difficult topic that people are hesitant to touch on so I found it courageous that you wrote a book on it. I think this book could be read to children in a counseling group to get the conversation started on weight/anxiety/boredom/etc; especially in late elementary and into middle school (that challenging age as the body changes). It will also be a good reference for individual cases. The book was honest, straight forward, and fact driven. Well done! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review it.

    Rachel Horwood, School Psychologist

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