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Bullies Beware!

Mom's Choice Award Winner

“Bullies Beware” How to stop bullying and why do bullies bully is the question? Unfortunately, there will always be bullies. There are many bullying books for children of all ages. This children’s book written in rhyme with the intention of motivating children who are being bullied to seek out help sooner rather than later. Mikey took karate lessons to learn how to defend himself. He soon realized that fighting bullies would only get him into trouble and wasn’t the best way he could stop bullying from happening to him.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9781941095140

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-01-0

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  • Bullies Beware!

    “Bullies Beware” is a text well needed in every classroom. Addressing this issue is often difficult for many children, young people and even adults. This topic appeals to both children and young adults.

    Wendy Jacob, Reading Specialist, Education Specialist, San Diego United School District

  • Bullies Beware!

    Mr. Kramer's children's book, "Bullies Beware," is not only a very good book, but it is very realistic as well. I believe this book will motivate children and help them reduce some of the quilt and shame associated with being bullied.

    Tyree Sterling
    Certified Life Skills Student Facilitator (Anti- bullying)


  • Bullies Beware!

    Paul, I think your book, “Bullies Beware” is point on. I thought your book was great and I loved the illustrations.   I like how Mikey sticks up for himself and is assertive with bullies initially.  He also problem solved by taking karate lessons which provided him much needed confidence.  He did the right thing in telling his teacher.  I like that he admits he is scared at the end of the story.  Congratulations on a winning book-I wish you success and lots of sales.

    Susan Strauss RN ED.D
    Harassment and Bullying Consultant

  • Bullies Beware!

    If you are being bullied reach out. Don't be afraid to stand up and say no to being intimidated. Be proactive to help others. Be an advocate to someone who might be being bullied. The book “Bullies Beware" is worth reading to help you.

    Kristl Widner

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