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How Baseball Began

“How Baseball Began – How did America’s beloved game of baseball actually begin? 
This informative sweet story written in rhyme tells us. It educates newcomers about the fundamentals of the sport and the basic rules of the game. Both big and little leaguers will be entertained and delighted by the logical, step by step progress the story presents, from baseballs simple beginnings to the game we know today. The big question is, did baseball really begin the way Clem, Carl, and Fred said it did?


Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9780981974590

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-03-4

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  • How Baseball Began

    I read your book, “How Baseball Began” this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons. Working in professional baseball, I yearn for books like yours where baseball is played as we might say "at the grass roots levels." Your illustrations are striking. I am not a parent, but this would be a must for my small child and I think that it's good for all of us at any age to pick up books of these types.

    Jim Pransky

  • How Baseball Began

    I have sent your book “How Baseball Began” around to my colleagues in the Met’s Organization and everyone gave great reviews about your book. The information was great, and it was simple to read and follow. The illustrations were also beautifully done. All around a very well written and laid out story. I thank you for the book and wish you the best with your future writings.

    Luis Morales, Manager, Ticket Fulfillment and Services at New York Mets 

  • How Baseball Began

    What a wonderful book for youngsters! It was so much fun to read and so informative. I read it to my grandchildren, and they wanted me to read it to them again. This children's book is not only fun to read, it teaches how to simply play the game. After reading it, I wanted to go to the backyard and play! FUN!!!!


    Brian Doyle
    Ordained Minister/EVP at Global Baseball/Major League Mission/Motivational Speaker


  • How Baseball Began

    Paul! I just read your book, “How Baseball Began” and thought it was adorable! I love the rhyming and the pictures are wonderful. They accurately detail the wording on each page, and I think all in all it is a fantastic read for children, while teaching them the rules of the game! 

    Heather Collamore, Vice President, Metropolitan Hospitality at New York Mets

  • How Baseball Began

    Paul, I just read your book, “How Baseball Began.” I really enjoyed everything about it. Great story for the kids. 

    Roberto Clemente Jr. , Former Professional Baseball Player, CEO of RCJ Global Impact LLC, Motivational Speaker-Consultant

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