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How Baseball Began

Mom's Choice Award Winner

How baseball began is a logical and sweet story written in rhyme on how baseball began. It educates and familiarizes newcomers with the fundamentals of how to play baseball and what the rules of baseball are. It entertains big leaguers and little leaguers with its step-by- step logical progress from its beginnings to modern day baseball.

The question is, did baseball begin according to Clem, Carl and Fred?

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 978-0-9819745-9-0

eBook ISBN: 978-1- 941095-03- 4

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  • How Baseball Began

    I just loved "How Baseball Began" and thought it was adorable! I love the rhyming and the pictures are wonderful. They accurately detail the wording on each page and I think all in all it is a fantastic read for children, while teaching them the rules of the game!

    Heather Collamore

    Vice President, Metropolitan Hospitality at New York Mets

  • How Baseball Began

    "How Baseball Began," a children's book written by Paul Kramer was in my opinion very cleverly written, had great illustrations and had a story board that brought a smile to my face. I think it is a great piece for any bookshelf and it will surely bring quality bonding time for my family.

    Joe Ribando,

    Director, Affiliate Sales and Marketing at MLB Network

  • How Baseball Began

    A very enjoyable read and the illustrations were great and playful. They really added a whole other dimension to the story. You were able to provide so many details and information about the sport while maintaining a great simplicity.

    Brian Spector

    Executive Producer, Yankees Productions at New York Yankees

  • How Baseball Began

    Such a sweet, sweet book for youngsters about baseball's origins. Great job on your children's book, "How Baseball Began." It's wonderful.

    Dave Sims

    TV Play-By Play Announcer, Seattle Mariners

  • How Baseball Began

    I just read "How Baseball Began." I really enjoyed everything about it. Great story for the kids.

    Roberto Clemente Jr.

    Former Professional Baseball Player

  • How Baseball Began

    Your book "How Baseball Began" is terrific. I have read it to my grandsons who love it, and my 9 year old who plays travel ball enjoyed reading it to them as well. Well written and beautifully illustrated.

    Alan Discount

    Founder at Family Baseball Centers of America

  • How Baseball Began

    I have sent your book "How Baseball Began" around to my colleagues in the Met's Organization and everyone gave great reviews about your book. The information was great and it was simple to read and follow. The illustrations were also beautifully done.

    Luis Morales, Manager

    Ticket Fulfillment and Services at New York Mets

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