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Maggie Eats Healthier

Mom's Choice Award Winner

.“Maggie Eats Healthier” This is a heartwarming children’s story about a 14-year-old girl named Maggie who loved to play sports but found it difficult to reach her potential because of her weight issues. She changed her life by altering her bad eating habits to healthy eating habits and by exercising. As a result, she became more physically fit and was able to achieve her goal of being the best she was capable of being.  She also realized that nutritious foods could be quite tasty. Through time, exercising regularly and cutting out most junk food, Maggie’s confidence improved, and she was healthier and happier.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9780982759677

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-04-1

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  • Maggie Eats Healthier

    The artwork in “Maggie Eats Healthier is very attractive and I thought you did a great job addressing this important and timely challenge with great solutions that your readers can easily understand.  I liked how you followed Maggie’s progress all the way through her experience until she had an opportunity to pay it forward...again, many other books never carry the characters beyond themselves and their own benefit.  Well done!

    Pamela Bruening. Ed.D Progressive Bridges

  • Maggie Eats Healthier

    I enjoyed reading ”Maggie Eats Healthier.” I love the message, the vivid illustrations and rhyming verse. I applaud you for having the courage to address this sensitive but very important issue. I look forward to adding it to my collection. I wish you the best with all your endeavors.


    Maria Moore, School Guidance Counselor

  • Maggie Eats Healthier

    I like your book, “Maggie Eats Healthier.” It’s an inspirational book for teens and everyone else. It’s written with sensitivity to adolescent and teenage issues.

    Anthony DeSerpa, Retired School Psychologist

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