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Why Are You Shy?

“Why Are You Shy” Have you or someone in your family been more than just mildly shy where it has negatively affected the quality of life? This book that is written in rhyme will entertain you and will share some simple and easy steps to gain more confidence. After practicing some of the steps, it will become progressively easier to be able to talk to people and look them in the eye.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9781941095102

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-06-5

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  • Why Are You Shy?

    Best of luck with your book, “Why Are You Shy. I was very pleased with your approach to a difficult subject for children and their parents. The artwork is so sweet and captivating and will be a real "hook" no doubt with the students.

    Sandy Heiss, Counselor at Mountainburg Public Schools

  • Why Are You Shy?

    I enjoyed your book, “Why Are You Shy.” With my experience selling educational materials, I feel it is quite relevant to today's children and could easily be implemented in a classroom. The simple, to the point language will resonate with both children and adults. Great for families from many walks of life!

    Alyssa Dunne

  • Why Are You Shy?

    I like that your book “Why Are You Shy” discusses a topic that needs to be discussed with kids. This books may help adults start those conversations that can be difficult to initiate. You do so in a way that is meaningful to kids through storytelling and relatable and fun characters. I really appreciated that they are all about being your personal best, not competing with others. You gave examples of setting attainable goals, not perfection, to be a happier and healthier version of yourself.

    Renee Hart, School Psychologist

  • Why Are You Shy?

    Why Are You Shy by Paul M. Kramer Mary Lou became shy at age 3. No one knew why. She had one friend named Margo who she spent time with.  Margo got to go to all the parties and was invited to join in the fun.  The only place Mary Lou felt comfortable was her bedroom. There she could be the star of everything.  Mary Lou's mother was also shy and so she worked with Mary Lou to get through the shyness.  If you have a shy one, this book is for you.  It really will help them see it's okay and they can get over the shyness.  I love that this book breaks it down in a way that's easily understood by both children and parents.  I could have used this one when I was a kid.  Mr. Kramer does a fantastic writing job and the illustrations are beautiful.  Read it with your child today.
    I found no issues with this one. I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because there are a lot of us shy ones out there.


    Melanie Adkins, Book Reviewer,

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