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I Have A New Baby Sister

“I have A New Baby Sister” I Have A New Baby Sister is a touching yet amusing story about a little boy who wasn't very happy when he was no linger the center of attention after his new baby sister Lulu joined his family. His attempts to talk to Lulu and make friends with her were unsuccessful until he officially became his mommy's big helper. Shortly thereafter, they developed a strong bond and love between them.

Hard Cover Print ISBN: 9781941095126

eBook ISBN: 978-1-941095-07-2

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  • I Have A New Baby Sister

    The book, “I Now Have a New Baby Sister,” is a wonderful read for a young child who has just gotten a new baby sibling. The importance of learning to interact with their sibling, and of sharing both toys and their parents’ love and time, are critical for social development. Mr. Kramer’s book also will gently remind parents of the importance of involving their older child in the care of a younger brother or sister. This story is also a means to reinforce and center discussion around the main character’s understanding of the pleasantries of hi and goodbye, as well as working through anticipation, fear, frustration, care, concern, and what it means to be a “big” sister or brother.

    Laura A. Barclay, Civility & Etiquette Consultant,

  • I Have A New Baby Sister

    Tommy's getting a new baby sister. He's not sure about this. His Mother says she'll be someone to play with and be friends with. All Tommy knows is Mom and Dad spent a lot of time with his new sister. All Lulu does is sleep, poop and cry.
    Mom began to realize how excluded Tommy must feel. She began to teach him how to be a helper. He helped do everything for Lulu. He decided she may not be so bad after all.
    Mr. Kramer seems to know just what to say to children to calm them and comfort them. The teaching this book does is invaluable. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right words and the right way to explain things to young ones. I thought this book was clever and bright. The illustrations will capture your child's interested right away. You can't go wrong by adding this book to your children's library.


    Kissably Sweet 1

  • I Have A New Baby Sister

    I liked the storyline for "I Have a New Baby Sister."  It deals with a lot of the issues that older siblings deal with, and it presents some good information.  It's a good length.

    Emily E Lazio, Children’s Librarian 1, Smithtown Special Library District

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